How to Change Procrastination into Action

We all have tasks we find difficult, unrewarding, or just plain distasteful and we usually have the tendency to put them off until “tomorrow.”

Over the years, I have discovered an important trick that I used to help me overcome that distasteful task: it is that if you are going to do something, be happy while doing it. Always set a simple standard for yourself; resolve to muster enthusiasm for projects, meetings, and tasks that you do not enjoy but that are crucial to your business.
Sometimes, you may not want to initiate actions due to pre-conceived ideas of embarrassment, disappointment or fear of failure. But the truth is, the worst that could happen is someone says ‘no’. Of course, being happy while you do something unpleasant is much easier said than done but think of the negative results of not doing those things.

Now, look into the mirror and talk to yourself; tell yourself that you can do it. Looking into the mirror when having serious discussions with yourself is beneficial for two reasons.

1. You acknowledge the one person who can solve this problem: YOU – the person in the mirror.
2. Once you start talking about your goals to your reflection, you’ll be more likely to remember who is going to benefit from this successful outcome: YOU – the person in the mirror. (This always motivates me.)

Once a week, review your goals list and the tasks you’ve assigned yourself. Underline any project that you have put off because it is difficult, unpleasant or boring. Make that task easy to find on your planner. Now, write down a date and time that you will make that call, start that project, or schedule that meeting.
Promise yourself a specific reward for overcoming your apprehensions and completing the task; then take action. JUST DO IT!
Once you understand that the individual in the mirror (YOU) is the only one who can initiate action and overcome procrastination, you can become the most successful person.

Olakitan Wellington, Social Media Strategist

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Total Success Achievement

Total Success Achievement

It is the beginning of another year; in fact the New Year is rolling by fast and your success goals for so many years are still sitting on the burner. What has been the problem all these years? Answer: you have kept on doing the same things you have been doing in the same ways you have been doing them. There is only one solution – if you want to achieve business and total success this year, do things differently.

1. Let’s start by looking at your frame of mind when you are setting your goals. It is good that your goals are challenging to you; it is also fine that you have high expectations and positive attitude. But then, it is IMPORTANT that you are realistic about the length of time it takes for you to accomplish each goal.

2. You need to work regularly (i.e. every day) on your goals and this usually means you will have to make some few changes in your life as you presently live it. This will enable you create time for your goals and accelerate the process of achieving those goals.

3. Once you have decided to work consistently on your goals, then you need to schedule specific time that you will be working on the goals and monitor your activities; simply put, have a written plan for accomplishing your goals. It is important that you make long term goals break down into achievable bits. For example, where do you want to be in 5 years? What will you want to achieve at the end of every year for the next 5 years? What will you be doing every month in order to get your annual result? What actions are you going to take every week/every day in order to meet your monthly target?

4. Proper time management is crucial to successful goal achievement. Take cognisance of how you spend your time. All human beings have 168 hours every week; how you spend yours determines the level of your success. When working on your goals, be focused and do not allow anyone to ‘steal your time’ with visits and requests that you have not scheduled. Be polite, but be firm in saying NO to any interruptions. Do not allow people to just drop in on you for a lazy chat when you need to be working on your goals. Solving other people’s problem and rendering assistance will not earn you any income or contribute to your success.

5. WRITE IT DOWN! This is a great success principle which thousands of people take for granted. It is interesting how many people think they have great memory. Many times, though, people do easily forget things they thought they could never forget. The antidote is to always write down everything that is important. Successful people never joke with their daily planners. Writing down important stuff reduces stress because it means you don’t have to remember it; it is there in black and white for you to refer to at any time.

Take action on the above steps and you will be amazed how you easily accomplish your success goals. I shall be sharing more next post.

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How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

These days, there are so many social media platforms out there that one has lost count; and more are still coming on almost every day. I see that a lot of business owners struggle to be present on as many platforms as possible; this could be counter-productive.

You don't have to be available on all social media platforms. Being available on too many of them doesn't make you an expert; instead it scatters your efforts. I rather recommend that you pick and master only two (not all) social media platforms if you want to see great success in a short time. The most frequently used social media platforms in the entire world are Facebook and Twitter. You should use them because they have the largest population.

However, if you find that there is another platform that suits your business greatly, you can combine that with Facebook. For example, some people may prefer to pick Facebook and LinkedIn or Facebook and Google+.

It is very important that you are frequently found on whichever two platforms that you have chosen to work with. You can pre-schedule your posts with free tools like Hootsuite and your posts will appear as frequently as you want without you being necessarily posting every minute.

You must ensure that you post valuable content. Share helpful tips and strategies on how businesses in your niche can have positive results. One good way of getting content is if you give time to reading quality materials in your niche. If you are a reader, you will always have good materials to share. Also, pick and follow leaders in your area of business; people who are doing better than you. Sign up for their newsletters (mostly free) and you can share tips you learn from them.

Interaction is key, very important. Interact with people – talk to them and respond when they talk to you or when they comment on your posts. When posting or responding, always be yourself. Do not try to copy or be another person because people will eventually see through you. Remember that adage which says "you cannot fool all the people all the time". Please, please, please be authentic.

People usually buy from those they trust and the best way to build trust is to build relationship. If you post valuable content frequently and interact with people, you will see an almost immediate increase in your income. Ciao!

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There is a saying that "The only necessary impetus for evil to triumph over good is for good men to sit down and do nothing".


Silence means consent. If anything evil is going on around you and you choose to keep quiet or turn your eyes the other way, then you are endorsing the evil act. You are as guilty as the perpetrator; definitely your conscience will convict you even if no one else does. 

All those who should have come out to speak against the evil called Boko Haram, but who have kept quiet are guilty of supporting terrorism. If you are not against them, definitely you are for them.


Daily, we hear rumours (or is it News?) of former military heads of state and elder states men (not women, lol) who sponsor Boko Haram.  They are accused of giving Boko Haram financial and intelligence support because they have their 'boys' in every establishment.




Any national leader, elder states man (woman), or 'person of influence' who is still keeping quiet and not taking a bold stand against the terrorists, is definitely guilty of Conspiracy of Silence. 

I rest my case. #bring back our girls!

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Facebook: To Be or Not To Be

My post on whether Facebook is good or bad, generated a lot of reactions and I want to take time out here in order to respond to some of the issues raised

A.  Facebook is dangerous and my personal information is not safe. Things go viral quickly and could lead to a lot of embarrassment

Me: You have the option of what you share on Facebook or any social media platform. You don't have to share necessary information or data.

B. Facebook is a waste of time. One spends too much time chatting on Facebook.

Me: If you plan what you are doing on Facebook, doing business here does not take forever. It is idle chat that wastes time.

C.  I cannot be on social media; I'm too busy

Me: If you are so busy you cannot handle more business than you have now, then it is time to employ more hands or at least outsource.

D. I am presently employed and only have weekends or late hours free. How do I access people who are on social media during the day time?

Me: Use free online tools to schedule your posts ahead.

Please keep the questions coming and let's all benefit from social media. Ciao! 

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